Welcome to Colnago Con Brio !

4 Oct
Hi there……thanks for dropping by my blog. As you have probably released, I’m a bit of a Colnago enthusiast.  I have decided to start a blog dedicated to the Colnago marque and matters relating to this great manufacture of bicycle frames!

How did I get into Colnago? Well, I have been a dedicated cycle enthusiast for a number of years. In the past,  I have owned a number of frames ranging from Pinarello to De Rosa etc. I guess if I’m honest, I have always held a soft spot for Italian cycle frames and fascinated by their design and style, not to mention, their flair for great paintwork. Having lived in Genova, north Italy, I was spoilt with great riding roads and superb mountain passes. I always remember pulling up to a restaurant in Torrigula ( http://www.maplandia.com/italy/liguria/genova/torriglia/) which is a small village perched high above Genova in the area of Ligura. There I fell in Love with Colnago! I noticed this most beautiful C40, resting on the side of a hotel/restaurant called, Hotel Della Posta  http://spazioinwind.libero.it/hoteldellaposta/ristorante_e.html . I remember the sun was glistening against the exposed carbon weave on the frame. It had a wonderful kind of art deco paintwork which I will never forget. I just remember being mesmerised buy this exotic Italian beauty. I was also impressed with the superb build quality which appeared to be somewhat over engineered. I was hooked! 🙂


Some years later, I attended a bike show in the midlands. Whilst looking around the show I came across the Colnago exhibition purely by chance. My heart missed a beat when I spotted a Colnago EPS displayed on the stand. I had the exact feeling in my heart many years ago when I spotted that C40 in Torrigula. The carbon design and paintwork was just simply breathtaking and you could just see that the frame was built for purpose. Indeed, the frame has proved itself since creation with the likes of the great Erik Zabel and more recently in the 2010 Giro d’ Italia! The ride quality is just orgasmic!

Since all those years ago, I have always been struck by Colnago. Perhaps watching the likes of Eddie Merckx powering up the mountain passes in the Tour de France on his Colnago. Or, Marco (The Pirate) Pantani making a hard hill climb look so simplistic. In real terms, Colnago is still a relatively smaller company compared to some of the American cycle manufactures. Also, Colnago is not a faceless organisation, it still has the founder Ernesto Colnago heading up the company and who is still out there attending trade shows. Ernesto is quite simply a remarkable man and is a great ambassador to the Italian cycle industry. The love and passion for producing top quality cycle frames is as evident now as when he first started. A man driven by perfection and who’s work ethic is immense.

Over the next month or so, I intend to write a fully detailed ride report on the Colnago EPS. I have owned the EPS for approximately two years now, so feel that I can offer the reader or potential owner a unique and indepth review of this frame. I shall also be writing about other aspects relating to Colnago and the Italian cycle industry. Grazie tante



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