Colnago EPS – Lets take a closer look !

12 Oct


As I mentioned within my first post, I have owned a Colnago EPS for approximately two years. Sadly, before I purchased the frame, there really wasn’t a great deal of information out there to go on. Apart from one, there were no other in-depth reviews on this frame. Or should I say, articles which a potential buyer might find of interest. The majority of information on the net two years ago, looked like it had been copied out of a Colnago booklet. Sadly, most of these glossy magazine reviews fail to give the information the customer really needs to make an informative decision whether to say goodbye to the best part of £3000! Also, a frame/bike at this price, dealers do not offer them for test rides for the obvious reasons.  Of course, quite a lot of these journalists never really want to bite the hand that feeds, so even if a particular frame wasn’t up to much, it would just be glossed over in the typical journalistic style. However, this is where the blogger can help out others who may have an interest in a particular bike. Personally, I don’t work within the bike industry and I’m not a journalist. So, for what its worth, I’m quite happy to tell it how it is! So, as you can imagine, it wasn’t at all easy two years ago finding some real hard facts about this frame. However, after quite a considerable amount of research, both in the UK and Italy, I decided to by one! I put my trust in Colnago!

If we look at both the C50 and Extreme Power, the EPS looks like a natural evolution of cycle design and technology. However, the EPS has a beefed up lugged frame, using considerably over-sized carbon tubes. You can see that Colnago have built this frame for purpose. Colnago uses a pre preg carbon cloth which is wound by hand into tubes to ensure the correct lay up and to control the amount of resin to create the best characteristics for each tube. The top-tube and down-tube also feature what Colnago calls 3PRS which can best be described as three 10mm wide carbon ‘ribs’ on the inside of the tubes; the thickness tapers along the length of the tubes and the ribs prevent any lateral movement. The result is a chassis that’s rock solid even when you’re sprinting out of the saddle and wrenching on the handlebars.

The bay-leaf chainstays which are beautifully sculpted are massively over-sized and shaped to add maximum strength and resistance to twisting forces from the bottom bracket. They have somewhat of a feminine feel about them has your fingers run over the curvaceous lines.  A dedicated EPS fork which is quite substantial is also used with a specific tapered headset,  1.125″ in at the top and  1.25″ at the bottom, to stiffen the front end for more precise handling. The EPS comes with an integrated headset, which I feel works perfectly. The frame weight is approximately one kilo. Yes, there are indeed lighter frames on the market, however, you don’t ride the frame you ride the bike.



The paintwork and finish is second to non. Colnago is famous for its paintwork and doesn’t disappoint. The attention to details is quite amazing. I just love the way they have etched the name Colnago through the paint finish, leaving this lovely dark black carbon weave coming though. This is used throughout the frame. Also, the varying colours used in spraying is quite breathtaking. I have the AMIT finish which combines the colours of the Italian flag, which really stands out. They really are masters of their craft. After two years of riding, the paintwork has stood up extremely well against chips and general road/riding grime. The paint is very substantial.



So after all this, how does it handle on the road. I can honestly say, I have never ridden another bike quite like the EPS. Erik Zabel once said, If you require a rider to perform well, then the frame needs to be comfortable. Looking at the EPS, you can see this is a thoroughbred race frame, from the back to the front. However, as you would expect, this frame is incredibly stiff, but also extremely comfortable. I don’t know how the research and development department at cambiago has achieved this, but it works extremely well. So, if you are doing 40 to 100 miles on this frame, you do it in relative comfort. Personally, I feel totally connected with this frame as a rider. Depending on your riding, this frame will accommodate all styles, however, I deify anyone to take this frame for a gentle ride. As soon as you are in your stride and have picked up pace, you know this frame just wants to motor.



With every turn of the crank, you can feel the frame projecting forward like a missile, its amazing! Of course, the bike is only as good as the engine driving it, however, the EPS will flatter all that put their leg over this frame. You can just feel that all the power and energy you achive at the crank comes together in a single format and is pushed out at the rear wheel. Its as if the energy is centralised and not wasted.  Its a very focused frame and extremely surefooted. It will quite happily motor along on the flat and its just as happy climbing the steepest of hills. I live in Kent and completely surrounded by big climbes, the EPS feels at home on a good hard climb. In fact, it climbs like a mountain goat on steroids. As you are giving it some beans, you just feel the frame is quietly whispering in your ear, is that all you’ve got!



On a fast decent, the frame doesn’t miss a beat, its as if nothing phases it. Its very confident and seems to glide over our UK roads. The frame seems to soak up road shock and any road ruts you ride over. This is where those solid front forks come into their own. They are built like a bull dog and inspire confidence in the rider to lay the power down. Even fast cornering, there is no nervousness or twitching at the front end, just rock solid stability. The frame seems to respond very quickly, so if you are looking to attack at pace, you can be sure this frame will not let you down. I suppose in truth, its a great all-rounder.


Over a period of time, I have spoken with quite a few riders who either own an EPS or professionally race the EPS. One such dedicated EPS fan is Yanto Barker. Just speak with him about how this frame performers, you just see this beaming smile emerge across his face! 



To be extremely honest with you folks, I love this frame. Its now like a family member. I could never ever part with it. I recently ordered a C59 from Italy and my wife mentioned, so, I suppose you will be selling the EPS. I must say, I gave her such a look! It would be like selling one of the children, you just wouldn’t do it. In fact, I would rather sell the car first!


Please see below some great video footage produced by Colnago. It takes you through every step of the way from birth to creation of the EPS….enjoy!







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