Colnago Cycle Clothing

26 Oct

Visiting the London bike show this year at Earls Court, I couldn’t help but notice the new range of cycle clothing from Colnago. On closer inspection, this clothing will not disappoint the discerning Colnago owner/enthusiast. If you think about the care and attention they put into frame manufacturing etc, they have also applied the same principles to their new clothing range.
The first thing that struck me is the quality of the material. You can see that these garments are manufactured to a very high specification, which one would expect from the house of Colnago. I was informed that this collection of clothing was created and designed by Alessandro Colnago who is the Grandson of Ernesto. I understand that the fabrics used are the very latest in cycle clothing technology and manufactured in Italy.
Just looking through the photos, you can see they they have brought out a series of garments which will suit all types of weather conditions. Whether you like the larger Colnago motif on your jersey or a discreet smaller emblem which is nicely stitched onto the fabric, they have accommodated all tastes and colours. Its really is a stunning collection of clothing which must be seen !






Like many others out there, I have longed for some great quality Colnago cycle clothing and its finally arrived!

2 Responses to “Colnago Cycle Clothing”

  1. Jon Moss October 26, 2010 at 9:03 pm #

    Good find! Any idea when and where these are available?

  2. Colnago Con Brio October 26, 2010 at 9:10 pm #

    Hi John, many thanks for your comment. If you contact Windwave via their link on Colnago Con Brio. I understand it should be in the dealers very soon! Best wishes.

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