Bouygues Telecom has made us grow !

5 Nov



Adventure Bbox Bouygues Telecom comes to an end after six years of collaboration.


Interview – Jean – Rene Bernaudeau looks  back on the great epic of Turquoise!  


Jean – Rene Bernaudeau, what makes you most proud of those six years alongside Bouygues Telecom?


JR.B. Bouygues Telecom has made us grow and allowed to approach the turn Pro Tour. With them, we changed dimension. The time is always trouble for cycling but we have not changed our policy. Bouygues Telecom has enabled us to work without selling our soul to the devil. I am very proud. We ended our partnership with two great seasons. I want to emphasise the role of Chatelard Thibault, a very competent and very close to the team. With him as with Bouygues Telecom in general, it was win-win.



What is your greatest emotion in sport during the past six seasons?

JR.B. : Probably the first victory in the Tour de France with Pierrick Fedrigo. Then come the championships of France Chantonnay with the victory of Thomas Voeckler. It has rewarded our department that supports us for 20 years. I felt that day I felt a sensation that can never be, a huge collective joy. The third great moment: When I received Anthony Charteau summit of the Tourmalet. At this point, we knew that we would bring our first distinctive jersey in Paris. With Anthony, moreover, a pure product of the Vendée U.



Do you have made the most of your team during these six seasons?

JR.B. : We have reached the full measure of the team during the last two seasons. But I am an eternal unsatisfied. My absolute dream is to write history with a collective work. No individual performance has the flavor of a collective performance. I am very proud of the past six years!





 I for one will miss this team in turquoise, but I’m so please they will be carrying on with Eurocar!

This short interview was translated from French


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