15 Nov


Speak to any Colnago enthusiast and the C50 always appears in their top list of all time favourite Colnago frames. There is just something about the C50 that plucks the inner heart strings of most cycle fans. Its truly a timeless frame and still looks good in the year 2010. Like a vintage Italian sports car or a beautiful actress such as Sophia Loren, it still turns heads when seen. Its genuinely a seductive frame which causes people to seek them out from all over the world.


So what makes this frames so very special, lets take a look  –  The C50 frame is made using high-modulus carbon-fiber tubes and compression-molded lugs from ATR Composites. The increased strength of the material, compared with previous versions, allows less tube overlap within the lugs. This allows Colnago to use shorter lugs and thinner-walled tubes throughout, resulting in a light yet torsionally stiff race bike–one that has seen victories at Paris-Roubaix, as well as in stages of the Grand Tours. In addition to Ferrari, ATR also builds carbon components for Aprilia, Ducati, Lamborghini, Maserati and Porsche.


 Colnago’s unique HP chainstays have a diamond-shaped cutout, which Colnago claims helps the stays retain structural stiffness while absorbing vibration. The C50 is most certainly compliant, yet there are watts of instant acceleration on tap through the crank, bottom bracket and stays.


Colnago’s Precisa straight-blade fork was a revelation when it debuted in 1987. According to Colnago, the standard curved fork of the time didn’t absorb road vibration as well as a straight blade. Colnago sticks with the concept with the C50’s Star carbon fork. It’s noticeably stiff without chatter in high-speed turns. 




Here is a little video footage of the C50 offering the reader a little more indpeth information

Colnago Con Brio would like to thank Alex for sending in pictures of his beloved C50.







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