Colnago Extreme C

4 Dec



For the climbers out there, lets take a closer look at the Colnago Extreme C – The Extreme C has angle cut lugs that save weight over their previously, full-sized, straight-cut C50, counterparts. But it seems less is more.  Because angled lugs actually give a greater bonding surface area than a traditional straight-cut lug!  This makes for a lighter, stiffer joint that resists torsional stress and offers a greater propensity to dampen out road vibrations. 


The Master Tubeset profiles, seen on the C50 are lost for the Extreme C.  The tubes are weight-saving round, and of a smaller diameter than their bigger, beefier, bi-conic, siblings.  They are lighter and torsionally stiffer than fluted tube-sets of a similar size.  It’s almost magic.


Also lost on the Extreme, are the HP chainstays.  The C has beautiful over-sized, curved Folio chainstays which may lack the armchair comfort of the HP setup found on the 50 but if it doesn’t benefit you when climbing then you won’t find in on the Extreme.  The HP setup may be considered more comfortable but they’re slightly heavier than the Folio arrangement


The front triangle components are also size specific with diameter and tube thicknesses honed to suit their individual task.  Round tubes give a better stiffness to weight ratio than fancy shapes.  For example, to get the stiffness you need for an Extreme Power, you’d have to have massively over-sized  round tubes; hence the differing tube profiles for differing structural requirements.


What does remain is the paradoxically stiff, yet dampening, B stay set up that feeds in to the top of the seat tube.   the lug is cut desperately short, not a gram of weight is kept if it isn’t needed.  To this end, at the bottom of the 28mm seat tube you’ll find a slotted, removable, titanium bottom bracket shell.  Another few grams shaved and another innovation that adds value.


The 1 1/8th head tube has a “normal” headset setup. Tradition, pragmatism and longevity are the order of the day on a Colnago.  Fashion will never triumph over engineering excellence.


Firing out of the head tube there’s one of the greatest road forks of that period.  The Star Carbon forks transform a bike like you wouldn’t believe. Nothing but nothing carves a turn like a star carbon fork! 







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