Ceramic Juice Lube

17 Dec

The boys at Juice Lubes very kindly sent over a bottle of their new Ceramic Juice lube. Now, I don’t know about you, but I have a box full of old lubes in the garage which claim this and that. In my experience, trying to find the perfect lube is a bit like trying to find the ‘holy grail’, its extremely difficult. Now I make no bones about it, I’m extremely fussy when it comes to my bike. From components to lubricants etc! In fact, quite a few Colnago owners I  have met over the years appear to be the same. So, when I was sent a bottle of this new ceramic lube,  I kind of thought , can it  really cut the mustard?

When I get a new lube, I always go through the ritual of rubbing the lube between my forefinger and thumb to see what it feels like. Its just a personal thing. However, it does give you an idea of the consistency of the product. My first impression of the Ceramic Juice is that it felt really smooth and balanced.

Now, to give this lube a fair assessment. I completely cleaned my chain removing all of the old lube and road grime. I tend to clean my chain after every ride using a clean cloth to remove all the grit/black mess. However, on this occasion, I completely cleaned my chain using a Citrus chain cleaner. I then allowed the chain to dry naturally.

On application, I applied the Ceramic Juice quite sparingly and it appeared to seep into the rings/links quite nicely. I lightly wiped of any excess and allowed the chain to dry. Once dry, it appeared to leave a slightly milky film on the chain. I guess this is the ceramic fluid taking hold. The lube has quite a neutral smell about it.

Luckily, in between the snow and Ice, we had a couple of cold dry days this week  in Kent. So, it was a great opportunity to not only test the product but to also get a few miles under the belt.

The ride – from the start of  my ride I noticed that the chain/cassette noise was a little quieter with the Ceramic Juice. The chain appeared to be smoother when shifting up and down the cassette range. Quite a clean feel about this product. My main concern was if this lube would maintain its smoothness throughout my ride. All too many times with other lubes, you can feel the lube starting to wear thin and the transmission gets a little louder.  However, not with the Ceramic Juice, it kept up its durability even when shifting under load. It just really has a nice feel about it, quite dependable. On my arrival home, I checked out the chain for the mess test.  Good to its word, the chain wasn’t in a filthy black mess and didn’t appear to attract dirt. It also didn’t leave any lubricant globules which can build up on the chain and  jockey wheels.    

I would say that this lube is more suitable for road use and perhaps dryer condition. Used on a Campagnolo Super Record 11 chain and group-set. 
For further information – please contact   http://www.juicelubes.co.uk/ceramic-juice/



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