Anthony Charteau – So Close

25 Jan



Just a quick update – Anthony Charteau took second place in the first stage of the Tropical Amissa Bongo. Charteau very nearly got the first victory for Team Europcar at the finish line today. However, it certainly goes to show Anthony is on fine form! Anthony was the winner of last years general Gabon.

The originality of Tropical Amissa Bongo, is to mix with pleasure some African amateur selections and professional European heavyweights. Like the Belgian squad Quicksteep for the 2011 edition. Besides Sylvain Chavanel’s squad, will participate in this sixth edition, with their best, teams the following teams: Europcar, Garmin-Cervelo Continental team (USA), le francaise des jeux, Centre Continental UCI and MTN Cylcing Team (South Africa) .

The first three teams mentioned participate each year in the Tour de France, a must of the sport. Africa will be represented by strong teams like Burkina Faso, Morocco, Kenya, Cameroon, Rwanda, Eritrea (emerging team) and Gabon. Just like what the French Grand Circle has done since the last twenty years, the Tropicale will for the first time, make an incursion into a neighboring country, Cameroon. Crossing River Ntem is worth the detour and may allow riders to excel in Cameroon in front of their fans. For Tropical 2011, going into the land of the Indomitable Lions, is certainly a way of sharing with others the pleasure of a high level competition and to internationalize the brand Amissa Bongo.

For European and American professional teams, the Gabonese race will allow to both rub shoulders with a cycling still kept out of major worldwide events and to prepare for major battles of spring and summer away from the rigors and cold that prevails on the Old Continent in the heart of January. Regarding the African teams, it’s obviously the perfect opportunity to compete for a few days against over-equipped and well-seasoned professionals. Of course, this limits if not prohibits any hope of success in the sport, but the great experience acquired is well worth the effort. During the first five editions, only the professional South African Ian McLeod (MTN Energade) managed to earn a place on the podium (2nd in 2010). We must remember that sports authorities of Gabon are considering, in the medium term, to transform this great international cycling race in a real Tour of Gabon.

This is a little taste from 2010


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