The legendary paintwork of Colnago.

26 Jan


Speak to any owner or enthusiast about the Colnago paint finish and I’m sure they could wax lyrical for quite a period of time. The Colnago paint finish is legendary! From the beautiful art deco colours of the C40 & C50 to the striking Italian flag colours of the EPS and metallic flair of the C59 Italia. Not to mention the wonderful eye catching colours of the M10 which looked great at the London Bike Show. Colnago operate their own in house paint-shop at Cambiago, which insures 100 % hands on quality control. Each frame is inspected every step of the way during production to the final finishing coat of paint! You only have to look at the Colnago Paint shop video to understand the true detail to perfection! Except the head clubs crest , non of the coloured or log areas on the frame are decals or stickers, just pure paint.




The paint process starts with masking tape and thread protectos to keep paint out of the parts of the frame where none is needed.Then, the sprayer applies a layer of special primer that helps the outer layers bond to the carbon fibre.When the primer has been dried in an oven at 50 Celsius, the painter applies laser-cut masking decals and then adds the first layer of paint. Several more masking steps and layers of paint go to build up the eventual colour scheme. Only when complete, the masking decals are all removed to reveal the final finished job. Then, the finishing touches of a clear layer of lacquer is applied to stop ultra-violet rays in sunlight from fading the paint and helps protect from damage.  






One Response to “The legendary paintwork of Colnago.”

  1. socalracer66 February 14, 2011 at 2:31 am #

    Hello,I’m a recent, 1st time Colnago owner (2008 EP). I was wondering if any aftermarket or 3rd party paintshops are ever recommended by the Colnago community? I’m in the USA. Great blog, I’m truly enjoying it. Thanks!

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