Colnago C59 – The full build !

12 Feb
Since my Colnago C59 landed, it was my intention to build the bike up gradually over the next month or so, just taking my time. Also, the weather in the UK at the moment hasn’t been great, with mostly heavy rain etc. However, that was my initial intention. As we all know, when you have a lovely Colnago frame which yearns  to be built up, how can you refuse. So, after a couple of days, I started putting my components list together.
With regard to the group-set, I wanted to keep it purely a Campagnolo affair, so I opted for Campag Super Record 11 (2011) . Personally, I just feel Colnago and Campagnolo go together like a fine lamb dish washed down by an exquisite Syrah. The handlebars and stem, I decided to go for the 3T Ltd range. I just love what these guys can do with carbon fibre. They are finished to an impeccably high standard and feel just right when riding on the hoods and in the drops. The wheels, I just transferred my Lightweights over from my EPS. I just feel the colour scheme of the C59 really works well with the black deep section Lightweight Standard 111 wheels. Also, the logo on the Lightweights is quite subtle and doesn’t detract the eye from the beautiful paintwork of the frame. Seat-post, I went for the new Colnago all carbon post, which they make in various colours. Regarding the seat, I went for the Fizik Antares (carbon rail) which is a comfortable and stylish saddle. I just love the Fizik range, so well made and so comfortable. As we all know, finding the correct saddle can be somewhat of a challenge. We all seem to have various saddles in the garage which we have tried over the years, but just don’t work with our back-sides. Also, Fizik operate a try before you buy policy, so that helps before spending your hard earned money! Skewers, I went for the Carbon-ti Special X Light. These skewers are like small pieces of furniture, finely crafted in Titanium. Pedals, I finally chose the Look Keo Carbon blade model. These pedals come with a 16nm rigidity and a Titanium axle. I think that pretty much sums up the components of the build. Of course, the wife and children have now gone without food for a month, but we all have to make sacrifices! 🙂

The shop premises – Box Hill

Stunning EPS built up with deep sections – back drop, Box Hill
One thing I must mention before I forget, the new Campagnolo Super record 11 brake housing has now been updated for 2011. Sadly, the old 2010 brake pads will not fit the new system. The Campag carbon brake pads I had did not fit. Unfortunately, they don’t appear to be in stock with the dealers and has caught everyone by surprise. To my knowledge, there has been little or no information about this from Campagnolo. So, if you are thinking about buying the new 2011 group set and want to run carbon wheels, make sure you purchase the new redesigned brake pads.
Naked carbon EPS wating for a customer!

Now, the next part of this project is who’s going to supply the parts and build my dream bike. Not a task you would leave to anyone. Personally, I’m extremely fussy and require perfection. So, with this thought in mind, I approached Dave Fleming who is the owner of Cycles Dauphin, situated in the lovely village of Box Hill. If you have ever been to this part of the world, you are really in stunning surroundings. Also, Box Hill is very well know with roadies and mountain bikers alike. After you have climbed Box Hill you get to sample the delights at the local National Trust cafe. All year round, it always seems to be buzzing with cyclists. A great place!
Dave Fleming – Owner
Andy – Mechanic – his best undertaker pose!
Now, back to Cycles Dauphin. Dave is a lovely guy and very welcoming. He always has a cheerful disposition. Dave has owned this specialist bike shop for many years now and people from all over the country make a special journey to buy bikes and have their bikes serviced here. They really have a mighty fine reputation. To be honest, when you use these guys, you know you are in safe hands! Also, they offer good old fashion customer service which appears to have vanished within the retail market. They offer their customer a mouthwatering range of bikes from Colnago, De Rosa and Pinarello to Cervelo, Time and Look etc. They do have a special affection for Italian bikes and know the likes of Colnago inside and out. They have been a Colnago stockist for many years and know all the models past and present. As you walk into the shop, just stop and gaze around at the signed photos on the walls and posters of all the historical and current pro riders, you just know you are in the right company! The shop is nicely layed out with a bike and frame showroom, clothing area and wheels/accessories section.
They have a spacious workshop at the rear of the premises which is the home of Andy the mechanic. Andy, many years ago first qualified as a motorcycle engine builder and could strip and build a Ducati engine blindfolded. He is extremely technical minded and is a total perfectionist. You can really see that Andy thoroughly enjoys his job. Also, I asked Andy if it was OK if I watched him build my beloved C59 and take a few photos through the build. Quite a few other mechanics may not of allowed this, but with Andy it was fine. I must say, it was a complete joy to watch Andy build my bike from start to finish. The extreme care he takes is much appreciated. In fact, he builds the bike like it were his own!
The other Andy – servicing another owners CX1 Colnago
I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank all the guys at Cycles Dauphin for making it a very special day. You advice and technical know how is much appreciated! Also, the constant supply of Illy coffee was very welcoming! 

Anyone interested in purchasing a Colnago C59, Dave does have a few on order and should be arriving at the shop soon. If you are looking at buying a bike or a frame, or thinking about getting your bike serviced, check out Cycles Dauphin, you won’t be disappointed!    
Total weight in full – 13 lbs   


2 Responses to “Colnago C59 – The full build !”

  1. girodilento February 12, 2011 at 8:50 pm #

    Great looking bike – I look forward to seeing it out on the road as the weather allows! The Orange looks really striking too.

  2. Bike Tart February 13, 2011 at 6:25 pm #

    After chatting to you at the show about this I had to have a look – very nicely done, good work!Rich

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