Interview with Peter Nisbet – Windwave UK

24 Feb



Diego Colosio (Colnago) Peter Nisbet (Windwave)

A few days ago, Colnago Con Brio caught up with Peter Nisbet, who is the Managing Director of Windwave UK.  Peter very kindly took some time out  to speak with us about Colnago. Windwave are the UK agent and distributor for Colnago. Windwave have a very impressive business portfolio, looking after and representing Colnago, FSA, BBB, Marzocchi, Lucozade and Traitor Cycles etc. Please see the below interview –

Colnago and their pro teams which they sponsor had an incredible year in 2010, has this success had a significant increase in sales of Colnago bikes and frames in the UK?

 We have seen some very good growth in 2010. There have been several factors to support this. Colnago have generally increased their P.R and advertising, the main brochure is always superb and the website has been improved plus there is an I Phone app.We had  our strongest stand to date at the Cycle Show in October, more people than ever. Bbox Bouyues had a fantastic tour and we received  a lot of press and T.V coverage.  Charteau winning the King of the Mountains and  stage wins for Voeckler and Fredrigo  were the icing on the cake.

Since the launch of the C59 Italia, it has received glowing reviews from the world-wide press and Colnago customers. How has the demand been from the UK market

 The reviews have been glowing and rightly so. We have huge interest in the C59. We are finding that C50 customers are now being tempted to change their frames. I think that due to the  tube shapes they feel it is more of a continuation of the C50 than the EPS was.

Whilst we are on the subject of new frames, the Colnago M10 has most certainly placed Colnago at the cutting-edge of monocoque frame design and technology. Its a frame that offers the customer, performance,comfort and all round ability. Has it been popular with the UK customers?

Sales for the C59 picked up really quickly due to the early launch last July. The M10 came through a little later so did not benefit from the TDF publicity, this said it is really motoring now. The M10, due to it’s monocoque construction. weight and cutting edge appearance is attracting customers over from other  brands. The Europcar team will use the  M10 this season which will raise the profile in the racing community even further.  Importantly, with this frame  Colnago are now appealing to a new generation of riders

Speaking as an EPS owner, I’m pleased to see Colnago have kept this frame within the 2011 range. Are you still seeing a great demand for the EPS?

To be honest sales of the EPS have slowed. Customers for high end frames are focusing on the M10 or C59 and racers  are still buying the CX-1 for it’s sprint performance.

Your stand at the recent London Bike Show was very impressive. Did you find that there was a significant marked interest in Colnago?

Our stand was the busiest it had ever been The extra space and general appearance of the booth attracted more people to us than ever before

Are you bringing in the new range of Colnago cycle clothing and other Colnago accessories for the UK customers?

The full range of the Italian produced clothing is now in stock as are the accessories.

How important is the UK market to Colnago?

It is very important to me of course and yes Colnago also see the UK as an important market. Colnago recognized that by supporting us we can grow the brand presence in the UK. The growth in road cycling  in the UK is  a significant factor and increases potential.

How often do you get out to Cambiago?

About 4 times a year, in fact I am off in the morning and will visit the painting facility in Florence for the first time. FSA Europe are only about 5 miles from Colnago so I am able to visit both companies during one trip.

Do you have any Colnago roadshows planned within the UK for 2011

Unfortunately not as yet. We were down to do Bike Radar live again but it has been cancelled.

What Colnago are you presently riding?

My  winter commuter has been a WC Cross which has been ideal especially through the snow. Once the weather settles I will be back on my EPS in AKIT.

Colnago Con Brio would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank Peter for taking time out to speak with us. Please note – since this interview Colnago have now launched the EPQ which replaces the EPS within the range.


London Bike Show 2010

Peter also informed Colnago Con Brio that they have just taken delivery of a stunning Limited Edition, Colnago C59 Italia -King of the Mountains frame-set. This was produced by Colnago to mark the fantastic victory of Anthony Charteau in the 2010 Tour de France. This frame is for sale and can be ordered through your local Colnago dealer. If you are interested, please get in contact with your dealer as soon as possible. There is only one available. The size is 52 sloping. Please see the below pictures –      




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