Colnago – The Bicycle

1 Mar
Over the years, there have been many books written about Ernesto Colnago and the frames he has made through time. However, they don’t come any finer than this lovingly crafted book. ‘Colnago – The Bicycle’ is a beautifully bound reference book depicting the life of Ernesto Colnago and the birth of one of the most famous bicycle manufactures in history.

I warn you now, if you do manage to obtain a copy of this book, you will not be able to put it down!. You see, this book takes us beyond the world of commercial advertising and the glitz & glamour. With private and historical pictures which have been kindly realised by the Colnago family and associated colleagues, it gives us a unique inside view of the man – Ernesto Colnago and his company. This book would never of been possible without the co-operation of the house of Colnago, that is immediately evident! 

It takes us right from the humble beginnings of when Ernesto Colnago was born on 09th February 1932 in a small rural town called Cambiago, twenty kilometers from Milan. Candido Cannavo who affectionately wrote the preface states, “I can imagine, almost see, young Ernesto Colnago in those anguish-filled days of the fortes, with the smell of war still in the air. He was in Cambiago in the Lombardy countryside and I was in Sicily. Times were hard and as children we struggled for all that we had. This is the world that shaped the young Ernesto into the man he has become today”.

This reference book Was written by Pier Augusto Stagi and was printed in 2007. It consists of 23 chapters detailing every step of the way. The writer has a great way of actually absorbing the reader into the book. quite an art. The information along with the pictures is truly amazing.

Whether you are a Colnago owner or an Italian bicycle enthusiast, this is a must for all. After reading this book, I must say, it left me with quite a warm glow inside. As a Colnago owner, it makes you feel proud to own a part of the rich cycling heritage and to be included in the ever growing world-wide family of Colnago owners. In 2011, Mr Colnago is still at the helm striving for perfection and development of his frames which all carry the name, Ernesto Colnago!























2 Responses to “Colnago – The Bicycle”

  1. dannyalpin March 10, 2011 at 1:08 pm #

    i cannot seem to find this anywhere, is it released yet?

  2. dannyalpin March 10, 2011 at 1:09 pm #

    ah it was written in 2007, bugger

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