Colnago Winter Jacket & Bib-Tights Review.

3 Mar


Well, I have just completed a week of kit testing and what a week its been. We have had high winds, rain, and even sleet in places. The great Britsh weather! Although we moan like drains about the weather in the UK, it has been ideal for road testing cycle clothing. If it can stand up to UK weather, then its got to be worth looking at!

As you may or may not know, Colnago have recently launched a new range of cycle clothing. Obviously, when the name ‘Colnago’ is involved, then quality must be at the forefront! The new range consists of a racing bib short along with a Master bib short, C59 short sleeve jersey, the Master short sleeve jersey, winter jacket, bib tights and a clear shell jacket. That just gives you a quick run down of the 2011 range.

The review will be focused on two items of clothing from the range, the winter jacket and the Colnago bib-tights. We are now in March, but still living with -1 weather conditons, so the winter kit is well and truly needed to combat these elements.

When I first heard about Colnago producing a clothing collection, I was very pleased. To be honest, over the years,  the general quality of team/cycle manufacture kit has been poor and something I wouldn’t normally look at, not alone buy! So, when Colnago launched this collection, I was pleased. However, its got to be good! Like many others out there, I’m very fussy when it comes to good cycle clothing. I like things that will go the distance and also look nice after hard riding etc. Also, its quite nice to wear clothing which is associated with our beloved Colnago bikes.

When the garments arrived, the first thing I noticed was how subtle the Colnago logo was displayed on the Winter Jacket. Not only this, but a well thought out colour selection that is easy on the eye. No splashes of gold or over the top colours, just a nice thought out colour scheme. Of course, there is an old saying, less is more and in this case, it really works. Also, the clothing arrives in quite a nice presentation style box. Just a nice touch.


Winter Jacket (RRP £179.95) – On first assessment, one thing I noticed about the jacket is the attention to detail and high finishing standards. I always look at stitching on an item of clothing and the stitching on this jacket is extremely good. Double straight stitching. It has three large cycle pockets at the rear combined with a small private/personal pocket, ideal for your mobile phone, wallet or I-player/phone. This jacket is completely I phone/player compatible, just in case you use those items when cycling. The elasticated waist band also has gripers in place which holds the jacket nicely to the body. Inside on the back of the jacket, there is a fleece like material which is lovely and warn and snug. Now, the front of the inside has this state of the art fleece type squared panelling. Which is a wind blocker material combined with warmth. On some winter jacket, you just get the wind blocker, but with this item, you get the added warmth. It comes with a nice high zip collar which works extremely well when you are riding in in the drops. I didn’t get any cold air/wind going down the lower throat section. Again, grips nicely around the neck without being claustrophobic. The cuffs are nicely finished also. Yes, it has cuffs, some jacket only give the rider a short type of hem. On the outside of the jacket, it a nicely placed reflective piping in silver. But again, it well thought out, not just an after thought. The jacket has a nice weight about it and doesn’t feel too heavy or flimsy, well balanced I would say.

On the bike, it feels good. I’m a 40 inch chest and ordered a size Large. I wouldn’t say its the typical style of Italian kit where by you need to have the figure of a racing God to fit. However, on the other hand, its not saggy. It has a lovely relaxed fit about it. Even when in the drops and riding the hoods, there is no access material, it has a good cut. To be honest, it has a ‘real world’ sizing about it. It has great wind stopper ability combined with warmth. I was just wearing a base layer underneath which worked perfectly fine. Even in rainy conditions, it held its ground and kept me dry inside. I can see that it will be one of those jacket that becomes like an old friend. The first one you grab hold of when you reach into your wardrobe for those colder conditions. This item also states on the label, ‘hand made in Italy’ which is quite refreshing in this day and age. The white and black colours are quite neutral and will go with most frame designs. Perhaps they should offer the customer a few more colours, but I’m sure this will come in time.  I would say that its a top end garment and built for purpose. It most certainly does what it states! Now, for some technical information from Colnago…….   


The most versatile Top. Ideal for winter training for its thermal insulation properties, and superior freedom of movement, features partial windproof front and plenty of back pockets.

ThermaShield TiX stretch membrane and Roubaix

HT construction

Strategically placed windproof panels provide protection where needed

3D pre-shaped sleeves

Multiple back pockets

Lockable front zipp


The Bib-tights (RRP £149.95) Again, like the jacket, these bib tights are finished well. From the stitching to the actual fabric used. They have a fleece type material inside which most certainly keep you warm on those longer cold weather rides. They also come with a zip front panel which is extremely handy when you receive the call of nature. At the foot area, the bib-tights come with foot loops which hold the material in place and there is no chance of the leg material rising up your leg when riding. They also come with a subtle Colnago logo which is nicely stitched onto the leg, along with a small Italian flag. The sizing is ‘real world’, being around 5’11”, I went for the size Large. The padded insert is comfortable but does not obstruct the rider. I spent quite a few hours in these bibs and had no problems with numbness etc. The material fits the contours of the leg and when riding, they feel perfectly comfortable and warm. Some technical information from Colnago……

 An all-time favourite, multipurpose Winter training tight with the most advanced chamois technology available on this planet. 

ThermoRoubaix HT construction

3D pre-shaped leg panels

E.I.T. “C10” award winning chamois is the state-of-theart in term of comfort and hygiene

Lighter Lycra straps for freedom of movement

Microfiber mesh back for ventilation

Lockable front zipper

Reflective piping    

Verdict – Colnago have produced a range of clothing which is in keeping with their impeccable tradition of over engineering and style. If you own a Colnago, then this collection can only enhance your feeling and satisfaction! Available through your local authorised Colnago dealer.      



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