Just arrived back from Colnago !

6 Mar


Folks, I have just arrived back from Colnago. What a weekend its been. So much to tell you all and over 350 photographs taken. Its been an amazing time which I look forward to sharing with you.

I have decided to break the visit down into five parts, this will make it much easier to take in. Within the coming parts I will include, the arrival at Colnago and meeting the great Ernesto Colnago. A photographic tour of the world famous bicycle museum. Taking a look at the Colnago warehouse with frames being shipped out to customers around the world. We will take a closer look at the brand spanking new EPQ with a fully detailed explanation from the Colnago engineer who oversees their extremely busy research and development department.

 Wait until you see the EPQ in the flesh, its stunning! We also witnessed a C59 being built in front of our very eyes. Of course, we have some great shots. Plus, we have some rarities along the way. To be honest, I’m still buzzing from the whole experience! 

Colnago Con Brio is now on Facebook and Twitter.

I look forward to catching up with you all soon!

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