Alessandro Colnago’s Custom M10 (Part 2)

9 Mar
During my recent visit to Colnago, I had a chance to catch up with Alessandro Colnago who is Ernesto’s Grandson. Alessandro looks after the marketing side of the business. He also designed and commissioned the new Colnago cycle clothing collection which has been well received by Colnago owners and enthusiast.

A man who follows in his Grandfathers footsteps with a very keen eye for attention to detail and style. Alessandro is also a very keen cyclist and in his spare time can often be found laying down the miles on the super smooth roads of the Cambiago region. He also trains with the engineering guys from Colnago and assesses frames etc. In fact, Alessandro is very much a dedicated cyclist and speaks very passionately about the sport which is Grandfather is held in such high regard.

Before Alessandro headed off on a training ride, his new M10 frame caught my attention. The keen eyed amongst you may have already noticed. This gorgeous frame was custom made for Alessandro. At first glance you may think its just matt-black, however on a closer inspection you can see this frame is a little different.
 The base colour is a stelf like matt paint with the naked carbon fibre peaking through the Colnago and M10 logos etc on the bike. It really is a work of art and the combination is well balanced. The guys at the paint shop have really done Alessandro proud and you can see he’s very happy with the finished product. Will it be released to Colnago customers I hear you cry, well I just don’t know. Enjoy the pictures!       

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