Colnago EPQ (part 4)

16 Mar


The new Colnago EPQ – lets take a closer look! Whilst visiting Colnago recently, I had the opportunity to give the brand spanking new EPQ the once over. I was accompanied by Mr Colnago and a senior member of the design and engineering team. Mr Colnago was on hand to answer all questions. I was quite excited to see the new frame, especially as it now replaces the EPS within the current range.



Before we start, I would just like to cast our minds back to the EPS. Having owned an EPS for over two years now, I can safely say its like one of the family. Funny, when I bought my C59 recently, my wife said, ” Are you going to sell the EPS then ?” A cold shiver then descended down my spine like a high speed locomotive. I gave her quite a look and said ” that would be like selling one of the children, you just wouldn’t do it!” That’s how much this frame means to me. Those of you that own an EPS, will understand when I say its just a sublime ride. Its a frame that compliments your riding style, giving confidence and performance. It is indeed an orgasmic frame! Personally, I have always thought the EPS was quietly understated frame and sadly didn’t get the attention in the media it so rightly deserved. In fact, I thought the press coverage on this frame was extremely poor. Then, in 2010 when Bbox Telecom started achieving victories and stage wins on this frame, people started taking note. The EPS was and still is, a great all-rounder! So, now in 2011, Colnago feel that this frame has run its natural course and have moved onto the EPQ. I for one, will lament the passing of the EPS and those drop dead gorgeous bay-leaf chain stays!



Speak to any Colnago owner, you will most certainly note an element of passion within their general conversation. Its a brand, perhaps like no other, which evokes such passion and emotion. These frames seem to pluck our inner heart strings, its really difficult to describe, but I hope you get my drift. When Colnago discontinued the C50, there was out-cry by owners and enthusiasts. How could Colnago do such a thing, this frame is loved by all. However, I’m sure we can all appreciate, frame evolution and technology waits for no man! It must move on, it must evolve and strive for better performance and design. Just looking at the various frames made from carbon fibre, its pretty amazing. There are quite a few of us out there who are spellbound by carbon, even dazzled by its seductive looks and lightness. So, as with the C50, it was time to move on and say ‘addio’ to the EPS.



The EPQ (EP – Extreme Power – Q- Quadrato) frame looks very flattering in the flesh. Colnago have really spent some time working on this frame and its shows. Colnago states that from the R&D department to full production of a frame, it takes approximately three years. That’s quite a period of time.  Looking closer at the EPQ, you will notice some big changes from the old EPS model. If we first take the top tube, this has been completely redesigned. The new tube is slightly angled and contains three internal ribs for rigidity. Its got a nice smooth finish about it. The down tube contains 4 internal ribs. The head-tube has been completely reworked for the new EPQ. This new frame also comes with Colnago’s internal routing system, which gives the frame a cleaner look. Colnago use the very best available unidirectional 1k/3k HM & HR carbon fibre, supplied by Torray. The rear Q (2) and chain stays remain the same as the C59, using a slightly different carbon lay up. Colnago have manged to achieve a more traditional look about the EPQ, but still keeps performance and comfort at the top of their agenda. The forks remain the same as the previous EPS and C59. Colnago’s frame testing procedure is extremely rigorous, commencing with crash and fatigue tests and then numerous road tests.The EPQ, like the M10 and the C59, was tested before going into prototyping with a Finite Element Analysis software System. Regarding pricing,  I understand that the price tag will be around the same as the old EPS. So, if you are looking for a lugged frame which offers a little more traditional styling, but retaining rigidity and comfort, then the EPQ could be for you.








I would just like to say a big thanks to Mr Colnago for giving up his time and running through the new EPQ with us, its much appreciated!


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