Colnago world-wide export department (part 5)

21 Mar
Walking into the Colnago building, you pass by their impressive world-wide export department. This is a massive area dedicated to frame shipment, frame crash testing, parts and bicycle construction. Your eyes really do pop out of your head, looking at all these beautifully painted frames heading off all over the globe to meet their new owners. Each frame has attached a unique identity tag and states the destination of the frame. Its a great idea, because this allows your particular Colnago importer to follow the frames progress from manufacturing to painting etc. In turn, this information can be passed to the dealer and allows the customer to keep tabs of their beloved Colnago.
Standing in the middle of the floor space, just gazing up at the surrounding walls, you will see jersey after jersey of all the winners through the years. These are all nicely displayed within a tailored glass case, which allows the visitor to view. It does take a few minutes just to take in the whole visual experience.

All the frames are either boxed waiting to head out of the building, or that have just arrived back from the paint shop and hanging neatly in a row. After all frames undergo a final inspection, only then can they be shipped. Seeing all these lovely frames parked in a row is a complete joy.
Colnago also have their frame crash/stress test facility here, whereby frames and prototypes are put through their paces before going into production etc. After watching one of these test procedures, Colnago really do put their frames through rigorous testing, with a weight dropping from a fair height, demonstrating impact speed.

Within this area, they also have a frame building area. This is where Limited Edition models like the ‘ White Lady’ are carefully constructed under the watchful eye of Mr Colnago’s brother who works within this department. Enjoy the photographs! 








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