Information about visiting Colnago

1 Apr
Folks, if you are indeed fortunate enough to visit Colnago, then you may need some local information regarding places to stay and visit etc. Remember, Colnago and its museum is not open to the general public, so a special appointment would be necessary!  

Cambiago is situated within the area of Lombardy and is located approximately 20 km northeast of Milan. Its a lovely town, which has grown up over the years from its original village status. however, it still hasn’t lost its rustic charm within the town centre. Just take a walk through some of the very old streets, you could quite easily get lost in time and forget you are in the year 2011. You can even walk down Via Garibaldi and stop outside no 10. This was the birthplace of Cicli Colnago. The fascia of the building really hasn’t changed since the days when Ernesto was in residence.
If you are heading out that way, then you will need a place to stay. I would like to hearty recommend the Hotel Cambiao which is situated around 5 minutes walk from Colnago. It’s a very modern hotel with all the usual amenities that we have come to expect. It boasts a 4 star rating and is justly deserved. Not only do you receive impeccable service, the hotel rooms are decorated to a high standard, with cleanliness high on its agenda!

After you have visited Colnago, you may wish to remain in Cambiago. However, you may want to venture into Milan which is only a stones through away. If you do decided to travel into Milan, the station is only a short taxi ride away from the Hotel Cambiago. Its quite nice to take the train and just soak up the atmosphere and view the countryside as the train heads towards Milan. Compared to the UK, Italian rail travel appears quite cheap and is widely used by the local population.

Alternatively, you may wish to decamp and head for a hotel in Milan. If this is your preferred option, then you may wish to check out Hotel Brunelleschi . Its situated within the heartland of the Milan city centre. We found everything is pretty much in walking distance, including the Duomo. Of course, we cannot forget that Milan is the centre piece for fashion. So, if you enjoy shopping and looking at very expensive Milan boutiques, then you will be in heaven. Even if you are not a shopaholic, you must check out the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele. This really takes shopping to another level. This opulent shopping arcade has fresco’s painted on the upper walls, with a lovely vintage glass roof. You can’t help admire the true splendour of this place. My only advice is, make sure your wife has forgotten to take her credit card, or it could be a painful experience :-). As you would expect from the Italians, fashion takes pride of place. Its even quite nice to grab an espresso and just people watch. There you will see the great and good of Milan high society.  Quite an experience. However, if like us, you prefer architecture and galleries and the historical side of Milan, there are plenty of places to visit.

Now, when visiting Italy, you just cannot ignore food. Eating is such an important part of Italian life, which perhaps here in the UK we have over looked. Eating in Italy is not just a means to refuelling the body, its a whole experience. From the visual senses to the gastronomic delights. I would highly recommend you pull the stops out and treat yourselves to a great meal. If I can tempt you, then do yourselves a big favour and book a place at Restorante Peppino otherwise, your taste buds may never forgive you. Its approximately 10 minutes walk from the hotel, so in easy distance. Visiting Restorante Peppino is a true gastronomic experience, they take food to another level. Its one of those places where dining is taken seriously and the customer receives a superb service. To be honest, its worth extending your stay just to go back to repeat the experience. You leave thinking, I just want to book again. A big thank you to Silvia at Colnago for recommending this place!
Milan Linate airport is approximate a 25 minute taxi ride from the hotel. If you do decide to visit, I hope this information will be of use.   



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