Colnago Riding Event in Korea – 2011

10 May
Around the world, the love for Colnago is totally awesome. Its a prestigious bicycle marque that brings people together from all over the globe. The genuine passion and emotion that these bikes generate never ceases to amaze me. I’m so please that Colnago Con Brio can operate as the medium to bring us all together via the world wide web. I receive many email and photographs from viewers telling me about their beloved Colnago bikes and the journeys they have undertaken.
I would like to say a big thank you to the Colnago fans and owners in Korea who very kindly sent in these fantastic  photographs of a recent Colnago event. I think you will agree, the images of the bikes and owners is quite impressive. What ever country you are in, or what ever language you speak, the name ‘Colnago’ is international and can be understood by all! How many times have you been approached or struck up a conversation with a complete stranger about your Colnago? I have lost count! This is what Colnago means to us all and the pride and emotions the Ace of Clubs evokes!  
To all our friends in Korea, Colnago Con Brio would like to offer a big congratulations on your first Korean Granfondo style event in 2011 – long may it continue and best wishes! 🙂 






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