Dromarti – La Grande Cycling Mitts

27 Jun


I think sometimes we underestimate just how important mitts are when cycling. Especially when undertaking those long gruelling rides, its comfortable and reassuring to have a good set of riding mitts.  

Mitts need to be a very durable accessory because of the sheer amount of use on each ride. Not only must they offer comfort, performance and durability, they must also look good. Quite a big ask! Also, dealing with perspiration in this hot sunny weather, can rot a set of mitts in no time. If you are anything like me, I tend to get quite attached to a set of mitts and use them all the time, Perhaps not a great idea, as its good to interchange your mitts.

I recently road tested the Dromarti La Grande mitt. The test was carried out over quite a period of time, this gave me a good indication into the performance and durability. Dromarti are well know in the cycling world for their leather accessories, so it was great to have the opportunity to put them to the test.


Before using any item or accessory, I always like to give it the once over. The Dromarti La Grande Mitt is hand made and use top grade leathers to manufacturer these mitts. In fact, just to digress slightly, the leather and stitching used to construct these gloves very much reminds me of the famous Italian leather good manufacturer called ‘The Bridge’ with their well deserved reputation for quality and detail. OK, back to the mitts, the first thing you will notice about them is indeed the detail in leather and finish. The leather used has a beautiful texture to it and is very subtle to the feel. First, lets have a look at the palm area. All materials used are leather. They appear to have used varying degrees of leather to offer the rider optimum comfort when on the hoods and drops. Also, on the ‘hot spot’ areas, they have used a very good thickness of leather, especially around the thumb and palm areas. Very comfortable indeed. The stitching is very nice done and is extremely strong. Even around the short cut out for the fingers, the stitching is intricate and neatly finished. Once used a couple of times, they just mould to the shape of your hand.


Now, lets have a look at the top of the mitt. Dromarti have used a very sturdy but soft type of ribbed material. This allows the mitt to bend and flex with the riders activity and offers superb venting for the hand area. This ribbed material has a very nice feel about it. Each knuckle cut-out section is again neatly stitched  and beautifully finished. Just turn the mitt inside out, this gives you a great view of the workmanship involved. Inside, the glove is equally finished to a high standard with the soft nap of leather next to the skin. The mitt comes with a leather strap which neatly closes around the riders wrist using velcro to secure the glove in place. 

So, how do they feel on the bike? Only after a couple of rides, I could feel the gloves begin to mould and take the shape of my hand. On both long and short rides, the gloves were very comfortable. They have used a good balance of material on the palm area. Enough to offer comfort, but not too much which would create bulk. The ribbed material offers sensible venting for your hands , especially on those hot summer rides. The mitts have a real solid feel about them with the luxurious feel of the soft grain leather inside.  Its funny, unlike any-other material, leather takes on a great look once used and broken in. It just improves with age like a fine Bordeaux. Just one small point, I think it would of been a nice touch if they could of included a couple of finger loops on the mitts. This would greatly aid removal after riding.  


Overall impression. If you are looking for a well crafted, hand made leather mitt which has been manufactured to a high standard, then these just could be for you. Purely and simply, they are a mitt that you will just want to wear!

The La Grande comes in a choice of two colours, Cognac or Black. For further information, please contact Dromarti  http://www.dromarti.com/index.php   


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