Team Europcar – Reflections from the past week of the Tour de France 2011

9 Jul


Well folks, we are nearly through the first week of the Tour de France 2011. I for one am so pleased Team Europcar received a wild card to attend this years tour. With the staggering performance of Bbox Telecom from the previous year in 2010, it was great to see the team back this year in their eye catching green Europcar jerseys and their new Colnago team colour scheme, which has been a big hit with the viewers of Colnago Con Brio! I thought it would be nice if we took a quick look at the team over the past week during the tour.


 Well, first we had the team presentations and what a way to arrive. We had the darling of the French public, Thomas Voeckler arriving within a chariot, it looked like something out of a Ben-Hur move, quite entertaining and full of fun. Thomas is just one of those riders which averyone loves. He attitude and approach within the sport of cycling is fantastic and his gutsy spirit when racing is a thrill to watch. A true crowd pleaser!


Even at the opening of the Tour de France, Team Europcar showed that they mean business. It was great to see the riders firing themsleves off from the peloton on their Colnago C59 and M10 bikes. Of course, starting off in Vendee, the home region of Team Europcar, the boys wanted to showcase their new team and rightly so!

Over the course of the week, we have seen some impressive displays of riding from Sebastien Turgot, Perrig Quemeneur, Yohann Gene and of course the young Cyril Gautier who has been rock solid.
Whilst Sebastien Turgot was part of the main day’s breakaway on stage 5, knowing the narrow French roads, Thomas Voeckler picked an appropriate opportunity to go on the attack. He seemed to work every ounce of speed out of his Colnago C59, I think every Europcar & Colnago fan were screaming at the TV…..come on Thomas! My two year old daughter also joined in with encouraging shouts of Thomas! Sadly, it wasn’t his day and was caught by the peloton with only two km to ride.
Sad news for Christophie Kern, the French national time trial champion, he had no choice but to withdraw from the tour due to an injury.  We have seen some great displays of riding from Christophie before the Tour de France.

So, the team have made a good account of themselves within the opening week of the Tour de France. I think Jean-rene Bernaudeau and Europcar can be proud of the teams efforts so far!         



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