Thomas Voeckler the yellow stick of dynamite stays in Yellow !

16 Jul


An utterly fantastic stage of the Tour de France today. Stage 14 was scheduled to be ‘the bringer of pain’ for a lot of riders. Perhaps for some, the Gotterdammerung of this whole epic journey thus far! However, Schleck and Evans weren’t counting on one particular man to spoil the party! Thomas Voeckler, the yellow stick of dynamite from the Vendee was matching pedal stroke for pedal stoke against the likes of Schleck, Evans and Contador. Voeckler’s climb of the Plateau de Beille was simply astonishing and a complete joy to watch. The cheering crowd at the roadside where loving the performance by this spirited Frenchman, we were all completely gripped by his strong will and determination. Working hand in hand with his team mate, Pierre Rowland, together they put on a spectacular show! What ever bike you ride, what ever team you support, you just couldn’t help but admire the will of Thomas Voeckler. An amazing day, an amazing rider and an amazing bike! Bravo Team Europcar!



Photo Credits – Worldpress


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