Thomas Voeckler & Team Europcar – Back to business !

19 Jul


Well, the rest day has now quickly come and gone and its back to business of the Tour de France. There is no doubt, its going to be a difficult week for Thomas and the team, but they must remain focused and positive. Thomas has always said to the press, “I don’t know how long I’m going to be in yellow”. This is not defeatist talk, Thomas is quite simply taking every day of the Tour de France as it comes. Bit by bit, day by day, he and the team will work 100% to keep in yellow!


Looking back over the past week of racing, no one could of predicted the electrifying style of racing from Thomas and Team Europcar. If we cast our minds back to stage 9, when Thomas made that ‘great escape’ from the main peloton to gain those precious points to become the race leader. So, how did this happen? In my opinion, Voeckler was deemed irrelevant enough not to be chased by the big names within the pack. I genuinely feel that they thought that he could be reeled back in as per the previous stage at the beginning of the Tour. However, anyone who has followed Thomas Voeckler for a period of time, will know that you cannot take him for granted or under estimate him. Cast your minds back to his previous victories over this year. In fact, 2011 has been extremely good to Thomas and perhaps has been his best year. Thomas is a rider who thrives on these kind of breakaways, I always remember his superb performance within the Tour of Quebec which is listed within the archive of Colnago Con Brio.
Since Thomas has been in yellow, its given Team Europcar a great deal of confidence which is very noticeable within their riding. This team which were granted a wild card in this years tour is thrilling us with great racing and appear to be quite bullish within the peloton. After much talk, Thomas has survived the Pyrenees with his 1.49 lead intact, climbing up two high mountain finishes alongside the favourites. So, its now back to business of the final week. Best wishes Thomas & Team Europcar!

So, lets have a look at some cracking photos from the past week.




Photo Credits – Wordlpress, Yahoo Sport, Bettini-photos, News-sport.


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