Team Europcar – Proud of their performance !

25 Jul


Well folks, the 2011 Tour de France has now finished for another year 😦  we now have to return back to some kind of normality after the past three electrifying weeks. Kind of leaves you a little empty inside. Its been so exciting following every stage of the tour, with the roller coaster of emotions which goes with it. After three weeks of pure racing adrenaline, its hard to think it’s all over until 2012. However, whilst you are lamenting on the past days of racing and all the excitement, Team Europcar & Colnago can be justly proud of their achievements within this Tour. Who would of thought or even dreamt about this teams immense courage within the Tour de France. The Managing Director of Europcar must be walking around with a massive smile on his face after taking the decision to back this team. Its been astonishing, the whole team have proved themselves in various ways during this tour. One thing we have noticed, they haven’t been worried about throwing themselves into breakaways  during this race, its been thrilling. Thomas Voeckler a man who most definitely leads by example, even in the early stages of the Tour, has has been involved in ‘big effort’ breakaways which very nearly won him a stage victory. Not contented with that, he then goes out and puts in a staggering performance to win the yellow Jersey on the points difference. Who would of anticipated that this 33 year old Frenchman from the Vendee would of remained in yellow for 10 days. I just love Thomas’s attitude, just gets on with the race in hand. Every day we come home from work and switch on the TV to see if Thomas is still in Yellow. It was a dream come true. His plucky determination paid off….or as the SAS put it, ‘he who dares wins’ !  When Mr Colnago quickly arranged for the yellow Colnago C59 to be built, sprayed and delivered in record time,  it confirmed the fact that we all believed in Thomas and he most certainly didn’t disappoint. OK, the arm chair critis can say this or that, but this guy showed dogged determination to remain in yellow for 10 days. Every stage he battled with the big boys and went out time and time again, to prove himself. A courageous performance which had many across the world on the edge of their seats. He didn’t moan or complain like some others, he just got on with it !



Pierre Rolland, what a shining light this rider is. He has been a great companion to Thomas and was with him every step of the way. We all remember the photo with Tomas and Pierre with their arms around each other as they had just crossed over the line. Pure team work!  However, Pierre is a great rider in his own right and fully confirmed this as he took stage 19 from Alberto. His timing was impeccable and just lifted his pace to the finish line. The shouts of ‘come on Pierre’ from the crowd were amazing. Not only did he take the stage win, he also walked of with the White Jersey which he wore with immense pride in Paris on the final day. This guy has a great future to look forward to in professional racing. Yes, it would of been great to see Anthony taking another King of the Mountains jersey, but I think coming back from the bad accident in South Africa may of had something to do with it. We see little glimpses from time to time of Anthony on the mountain stages which reminded us of his past KOM jersey. I’m sure he will bounce back for the 2012 Tour de France.  

Like many out there, I just love the new Colnago colour scheme for Team Europcar. I thought it was both striking and attractive. These guys have most certainly done Colnago proud. Mr Colnago and the other guys and girls at Cambiago can also be proud of their stunning creation in the C59 and M10. Anyone who has been or visited Colnago will know that they are a true ‘family’ company. From the guys who work making the bikes, to the guys and girls who work in the main office, cycling racing is in their blood! Just have a chat with Mr C, so so passionate about producing the best frames and always striving for better. A true Master! The images of Thomas’s yellow Colnago C59 going out competing each day of the Tour de France will remain with me for a very long time. You see, Colnago is much more than just a maker of fine bicycles, its a passion and stirs the inner emotions of owners and fans around the world. You cannot buy this, its in the heart and in the blood. Again, Bravo Team Europcar and Bravo Colnago!    




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